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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

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Support System For Respiratory

Support System For Respiratory

Oxygen is given to treat hypoxaemia. Patients should initially be given a high concentration. The amount can then be adjusted according to the results of pulse oximetry and arterial blood gas analysis. The dangers of reducing hypoxic drive have been overemphasised; hypoxaemia is more dangerous than hypercapnia. The theoretical dangers of oxygen toxicity are unimportant if the patient is hypoxaemic.

Oxygen is usually given by face mask, although nasal prongs or cannulas may be better tolerated. A fixed performance, high flow, air entrainment mask can provide a known fractional inspired oxygen concentration (Fio2) within the range 0.24-0.60. The fractional inspired oxygen concentration is not known with the more common variable performance masks. The maximum concentration is 0.6 unless a reservoir bag is added to the mask.