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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

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Application of HBOT in Sports

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may help athletes at all skill levels heal more quickly and get back to their favorite pursuit. Many sports injuries involve strains and sprains, which naturally cause swelling and edema (accumulation of excess fluid in connective tissue). These natural reactions to injury compress blood vessels and restrict the vital flow of oxygen-carrying plasma and red blood cells to the injury site. Cells and tissues surrounding the injury site become starved for oxygen, which impedes healing. In extreme cases, cell and tissue death can occur. HBOT may promote faster healing in common sports injuries such as:

  • High Ankle Sprains
  • Fractures
  • Pulled Muscles
  • Achilles Tendinitis


BOOSTING PERFORMANCE  Many endurance athletes train at altitude to increase red blood cell production and the oxygen-carrying capabilities of their blood. Many athletes are also turning to HBOT treatments to see similar gains in performance by increasing circulation and the oxygenation in their blood.
INCREASING MENTAL FOCUS Competing as an athlete takes more than physical strength and skill. Mental clarity, stamina, and focus are needed to perform at your very best! Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may help reduce brain fog and improve mental focus in athletes.
TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE LATEST TECHNOLOGIES Whether it’s nike’s high-tech running shoes with a stiff carbon plate, biometric GPS watches that can estimate VO2 max and optimize your training, or ketogenic diets designed to help athletes fuel without excess sugar, competitive athletes are always looking for the next big thing.If you’re a competitor ,,MUST TRY
ACTIVE RECOVERY • Recovery time may be reduced by up to 33% through the use of HBOT,
• increased stem cell activation
• faster bone and cartilage regeneration
• reduced muscle fatigue and exhaustion
HEALING & TREATING INJURIES: * Injuries, both major and minor, are an unavoidable fact of life for most athletes
*over 60% of recreational joggers and runners are sidelined by an injury every year
injuries that may be helped with HBOT therapy:
• ACL and other ligament injuries
• muscle strains and fatigue
• cartilage damage
nearly 3 million
tbi’s are reported every year, according to the CDC. Almost 10% happen while playing sports!
TREATING COMPARTMENT SYNDROME: Syndrome is the result of internal pressure caused by swollen or bleeding tissue. Some experts say that the high-oxygen environment of an HBOT chamber may be an effective way to prevent this painful condition.
Elite long distance runners and even recreational runners and joggers may suffer from compartment syndrome. A rare but painful and potentially dangerous ailment