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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

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Transportation of oxygen in blood

Transportation of oxygen in blood

1. Lungs transfer the oxygen to the red blood cells
2. RBCs in plasma, which travels through the blood vessels
3.Injury or illness, the red blood cells block the blood vessel and are not able to transfer Oxygen to the cells on the other side of the blockage.
4. This can cause swelling and the area is starved of oxygen causing hypoxia
5. 100% oxygen under pressure causes the oxygen to diffuse into the blood plasma
6. This oxygen-rich plasma is able to travel past the restriction, diffusing up to four times further into the tissue
7. The increased pressure helps to reduce swelling and discomfort while providing the body with 10 to 20 times the normal supply of oxygen to help repair tissue damaged
8. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy forces more oxygen into the tissue, which helps stimulate the formation of new blood vessels.